Thousands pack Ben Franklin Pkwy. for Puerto Rican Day Parade

More than a thousand people marched down Benjamin Franklin Parkway during the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade on Sunday, less than two weeks after Hurricane Fiona brought widespread devastation to Puerto Rico and other parts of the Caribbean.

The theme of this year’s event was “The Puerto Rican Dreamers,” recognizing the achievements made by Puerto Ricans to inspire the youth and instill a sense of pride and self-worth.

A woman holds up a Puerto Rican flag.
More than a thousand people packed the Benjamin Franklin Parkway on Sep. 25, 2022 to celebrate “The Puerto Rican Dreamers” during the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. (Cory Sharber/WHYY)

In the back of everyone’s minds was the slow-moving Category 1 hurricane that hit the island just weeks ago. High winds and torrential rain destroyed homes, roads, and bridges, leaving entire communities without power and clean water. Some parts of the island received more than two feet of rain during the storm.

Victor Urbaez attended Sunday’s parade. He said he wanted to celebrate not only the culture, but to bring attention to the struggles the island is currently facing.

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