Team Puerto Rico loses GM over Yadier Molina decision

Team Puerto Rico is one of the favorites for the World Baseball Classic, but they are already dealing with some behind the scenes drama.

According to Ruben Rodriguez of El Nuevo Dia, general manager Eduardo Perez resigned from his post due to a dispute about who should be managing the team. Perez had wanted to place Astros’ bench coach Joe Espada in charge; however, the president of Puerto Rico’s baseball federation handed the job to Yadier Molina without consulting the GM.

Controversy already surrounding Team Puerto Rico and Yadier Molina

One can understand both sides of the argument. Puerto Rico had been the runner-up in the last two World Baseball Classics and is looking to get over the hump. Espada is considered a manager in waiting and has interviewed for several vacancies over the past few years. Getting that experience in the World Baseball Classic could only help his chances moving forward.

On the other hand, one has to wonder how much the manager really matters on what is going to be an All Star roster. Molina is baseball royalty in Puerto Rico, a future Hall of Famer who has been one of the better catchers in the history of the game. If he wants to coach at the major league level in the future, he could get that chance.

Molina will not be the only manager there without any experience. Mark DeRosa is stepping out from his role as a studio analyst on MLB Network to lead Team USA in the WBC. DeRosa is also someone that could find himself in a managerial role at the major league level at some point as well. The WBC will be a proving ground for several managers.

But it is also important to have that communication as to who will be leading the team. Perez could have been considering players based on Espada’s preferences, only to find out that Molina was given the job. They should still do well, but this is not exactly the type of lead in to the tournament that they need.

There is already controversy surrounding Team Puerto Rico. Their general manager resigned over Yadier Molina being named manager without his knowledge.

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