Team from New York City sent to Puerto Rico to help assess damage from Hurricane Fiona

NEW YORK — A team from New York City is helping assess the damage in Puerto Rico following the devastation of Hurricane Fiona.

More than 1 million people there are still without power.

One expert called Fiona the worst hit to the island’s agriculture industry in 20 years. Fields of plantains, bananas and dairy products are all underwater and ruined.

HURRICANE FIONA: How to help those in need

“We deployed a team to join the Puerto Rican emergency management agency, FEMA and other emergency responders to assess damages to infrastructure and essential services. Our team met with the mayor of San Juan and is working with FEMA and PREMA to see what is needed and how we can help,” Mayor Eric Adams said.

New York City is home to the largest Puerto Rican population outside of the island itself.

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