Puerto Rico Offers a Familarity to Writer | Lifestyle & Culture

I always enjoy visiting Puerto Rico, mainly because I have my whole family there, who I do not get to see often. So when I go there, I’m always happy to spend time with my family. I had been in Puerto Rico for three months, and I was staying at my cousin’s house, which is close to a lot of points of interest. There is a movie theater about a block away, which I have enjoyed. One reason why I love being in Puerto Rico is the weather. The average year-round temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Very few homes have air conditioning, including where I am staying. There is always a nice breeze coming through the windows. At this time of year, it does not rain too often. Sometimes we get a little shower in the early morning, but by the time we load up our car to go off on a big adventure for the day, the sun will come out, and it will be a beautiful day after all. The time in Puerto Rico is always consistent,  so you never have to set your clocks back and forth. The people in Puerto Rico speak English and Spanish. I do not speak fluent Spanish, so it helps that everyone in my family speaks English. Their main highways are like our interstates, and they are in very good condition. They do have a lot of toll roads which may be why the main roads are in such good repair.

The streets in San Juan are in very good condition. There are no potholes. When you walk on their sidewalks, you don’t have to watch out for cracks or holes. I couldn’t help but notice the late-model white vans that are taxis, parked all along the street waiting for a fare. I asked a driver about that, and he told me that they have to renew their licenses every two years and upgrade their cabs. No beat-up yellow cabs here. The people are very polite. Cashiers in the stores always greet you with a smile, then they say “thank you” or “gracias” when they finish ringing up your purchase. Drivers are very polite. There can be bumper-to-bumper traffic, but drivers will let you in front of them if you need to change lanes. You just signal, and they let you in. In New Jersey, if you tried that, the driver behind you would loudly blow their horn at you. Drivers stop for you to walk across the street, too. When I visit I’m always impressed by how polite everyone is. No one would ever get in line in front of you. I wish I could say that for the people in New Jersey.


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