Oceana Vista Hotel Is The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan in Puerto Rico – DIRT

“The pursuit to recapture your past is a waste of time. The past lives in the past and is therefore non-existent in the present. Time travel has not been invented.” So claims the title card that opens “The Resort,” Peacock’s new mystery/comedy series which debuted on July 28. Despite the warning, the concept of time is certainly at the heart of the sci-fi-leaning show thanks to a dynamic storyline that bends through the past, present and future as its lead characters, the not-so-happily married Emma (Cristin Milioti) and Noah Reed (William Jackson Harper), head to Mexico to celebrate their 10th anniversary and find themselves knee-deep in a 15-year-old mystery.

Created by Andy Siara, the screenwriter behind the similarly time-warpy 2020 film “Palm Springs,” “The Resort” is proving a thoroughly enjoyable watch, with Deadline billing it “part metaphysical detective story, part Indiana Jones-esque adventure, part coming-of-age romance.” Mainly set against the backdrop of the upscale Oceana Vista, a once-grand resort that falls victim to a hurricane, the show also has a healthy dose of “The White Lotus” mixed in.

Purported to take place on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula just outside of Cancun, “The Resort’s” cast and crew instead headed to Puerto Rico for the shoot, where The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan, located at 6961 Ave. Gobernadores, was pegged to portray the star-crossed Oceana Vista. In a fascinating case of art imitating life, the property was ravaged by Hurricane María in 2017 and has sat shuttered and abandoned ever since, making it quite a unique spot to film.

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