Marion County animal shelter received 36 cats rescued from Puerto Rico

One of the rescued cats is shown at Homeless to Home Animal Rescue and Cat Sanctuary after its journey to Ohio.

Rosemarie Ramos Vidal walked outside of her home in Puerto Rico as clean-up crews were clearing the streets following the Category 5 hurricane, Hurricane Maria, in 2017.

Beyond the devastation of the landscape from the hurricane, she was concerned when she overheard one of the men call out that he had found a little cat in the middle of the road while he was clearing away debris.

A cat-lover who had already taken in cats from the street and from a friend who could no longer take care of them, she went to the road to investigate.

“So I just went down, and one of the guys had her already in his hands, and I said, ‘Give her to me. I’ll take care of her,’” Ramos Vidal said.

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