Daddy Yankee Donates $10,000 To Help Puerto Rico After Hurricane Fiona

Daddy Yankee He once again expressed his love for his country, which he will always be ready to help in the most difficult of times.

After the passage of Hurricane Fiona through Puerto Rico Last weekend, a reggaeton player decided to donate 10 thousand dollars To the Habitat for Humanity organization of Puerto Rico for contributing to the recovery of the island.

“Like five years ago following the effects of Hurricane Maria, I have joined the Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico so that I can contribute and support their reconstruction efforts,” the singer wrote on her Twitter account.

According to its official website, the Habitat for the Humanity of Puerto Rico has “helped hundreds of people and families in communities across the island to build and rehabilitate their homes with the support of donors and volunteers.”

This Thursday, the Univision Network recognized Daddy Yankee with the Icon Award at the first edition of Univisionario in Washington DC, a recognition given to him for all of his heritage and helping Latino and Puerto Rican communities.

Upon receiving the award, the singer assured: “I will always support Puerto Rico, this is my home, where I live. I think it is the responsibility of all of us to help and support our home.” Do it, so I will always stand for my land.

Winds, heavy rain and flooding associated with Hurricane Fiona catastrophic damage In both private homes and public infrastructure in Puerto Rico.

Several Puerto Rican artists expressed their support Through social networks for residents of the country, including Luis Fonsi, Olga Tannon, Ricky Martin, Prince Royce.

In 2017, Daddy Yankee donates $1 million to local organizations who helped with the recovery of the island after the crisis of Hurricane Maria.

Three years later, after the Puerto Rico earthquake, Producer Rafi reached the affected areas with Pina To distribute electricity and fuel generators, food, medicine and personal hygiene items to residents.

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