Argentina Played A Great Game And Beat Puerto Rico

in less than a week, Argentina national team Went from the heat of the Mar del Plata Sports Center to the monotonous atmosphere of the Geraldo Arena in Recife. Be careful, not because of the weather, because it’s over 25 degrees in the north of Brazil and it’s cold in La Feliz, but because of the temperature inside the stadium that didn’t have a party atmosphere.

Campazzo contributed 15 assists and 17 points. (CABB Press)

However, this was no longer an obstacle for the national team. Directed by Pablo Prizionidid well on the court and The Americans scored a crucial victory against Puerto Rico on the second date of Zone B, 99–86.

After more than the first half, with the same scoring distribution for each team, Argentina put bets in both pictures from the third quarterWhen he started dismantling the party. It is that Marcos Delia became strong enough to subdue the rebels in the opposite encirclement and force the Caribbean to foul. but thatOr was the appearance of the original Nicolas Laprovitola, who was a hot hand (20 points, four assists) and excelled from the perimeter with an outside shot. In addition, Juan Pablo Vuellet adjusted the defense and dried up the opponent’s attack.

Facing a lack of space for entry, Prizioni’s leadership began to move the ball with criteria to make extra passes and thus, was able to find the right place to try the triple. And although Lapro carried the spear and led the action, there were other comrades in number with him: Faisundo Campazo again put on the organizer suit from base (15 assists) and Gabriel Deck as 4 was fundamental to take advantage of the rebound and add in second plays. And, on top of that, Tortu was the top scorer of the night with 27 points.

Since then, in the last boy, the national team tried to handle the difference in scores. And the plan worked for him: He got stronger on his rim and accelerated plays to clock 24 minutes to find the best shooting option. All planned and with a plan that forced the Puerto Rican to desperately throw 3, though without much success.

Tortu broke.  (CABB Press)

Tortu broke. (CABB Press)

With this win, Argentina will reach the end date with a guaranteed classification and aim to continue adding flight minutes.

How’s Americaup going?

The Argentina national team will have a rest day tomorrow and will only play again next Tuesday at 8:10 pm. Dominican Republic.

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